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COVID-19 Protocol
Actions And Measures

December, 2020

  • Sanitation and safety measures taken weekly
    1. Cleaning
      1. High touch surfaces and areas
      2. Pews, bathrooms, and doors
    2. Masks are strongly encouraged at all times in all areas of the church
    3. Please follow social distancing (maintain 6 feet distance from others)
    4. All social activities are cancelled or on hold until further notification – see the website and church bulletin for more information
  • In the event of a positive case, the Board is asking parishioners to do the following:
    1. Make the Board aware if you have been inside the church within a 14-day window of the infection period
    2. Contact all individuals potentially in contact with a positive case
      1. Ensure positive tests are reported to the Health Department by the testing agency
      2. Additionally, the parishioner will be required to tell the Health Department all places and individuals in which they’ve interacted during the potential infection period.
  • If an infected parishioner is in the church within the 5-day window of infection, pews and high contact areas (including areas the infected parishioner frequented) will be deep cleaned by a professional cleaning company.
  • Church Communication – In the event of a positive case within the parish:
    1. The church website will be utilized for communicating all information regarding COVID-19 and impacts to the church
    2. In the event of a positive case:
      1. The website will communicate the number of parishioners that have tested positive and the date in which they last were present in the parish
      2. We will not communicate/list the names of parishioners
  • Our sanitation protocol will be reinforced