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How to Use a Prayer Rope

A prayer rope can be a great aid in our prayer if we know how to use it. Usually, we use prayer ropes for short prayers which consist of few words “Glory to Thee, O Lord”, “Lord Have Mercy”; but most notably we use it for Jesus Prayer. This prayer consists of these words:


This prayer can have a shorter form also when we drop the part “Son of God” because that is already implied in the word CHRIST (The Anointed one, the Son of God). This short phrase serves the purpose of cleansing our soul and helping us focus on God rather than on trivial things, i.e. distractions. The more one is disciplined in practicing Jesus Prayer, the more benefits he will reap.

The practice of Jesus Prayer is quite simple: early in the morning or in the evening or anytime during the day, we would sit in a chair somewhere where everything is quiet. Your posture should be straight! Not slouching but at the same time no military alertness. Armchairs are usually not good for this practice. A simple wooden chair or an office chair with arm rests is the best. We will grab a knot on the prayer rope and as we inhale we mentally say the words “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God”, as we exhale we say “Have mercy upon me a sinner”. If our inhale is not long enough to say the whole phrase of Jesus prayer with the “Son of God” we will simply drop that part and say everything else.

You can use your prayer rope even when you are walking or at work or when driving but always remember that the quality of prayer is related to your focus. It is hard to focus on Jesus prayer when we are doing something else simultaneously.

Prayer ropes are meant to be used for prayer. Nowadays, there are bracelets that are made which are pious and are ok to be worn on the hand. However, if you have a wool prayer rope, it is not recommended! Wool, in touch with your hand may become sweaty and the knots on the prayer rope may open up. So the best thing is to avoid having your wool prayer rope around the wrist of your hand and keep it in your pocket for when you want to use it for prayer.

If we want to experience fruits in our prayer, we have to stay consistent and persistent. Prayer is a gift from God and it does not come easy. In every area of our life we have to show to God that we are worthy of His visit. Once that visit happens, after many seasons of prayer, all those seasons of effort to feel God more closely will be sweet to us and will make us rejoice.

Remember, regular daily practice is the key!

Blessing of the prayer ropes given to the parish by putting them on the skull of St. Ursula

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6 Responses

  1. Thank you for this beautiful gift. I find it is a wonderful aid, helping me to focus on my prayers, and not be otherwise distracted. It will be with me always.

  2. Great explanation on the way to say the prayer. The breathing makes it much easier to stay focused on the prayer, thank you for sharing that important piece of the process!

  3. Thank you father the explanation of breathing made a great difference and it helps me to stay focused 🙏🙏

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